Pet Shop on Saltspring Island

Shopping for dog or cat food, treats, toys or coats on Salt Spring Island can be a fun and funky affair with your furry friend!  Whether it be a Tasty Treat for your Fussy Puddy Tat, a Rhinestone studded collar for your Furry Ferret, a Fluffy pillow for your Randy Rabbit, or a Fancy Frock for your Princess Pooch, our island suppliers have it all! 

When shopping in our downtown Ganges area, you will notice bowls of water for dogs - outside Merchant's doors.  Our merchants like to make sure pets and humans have an enjoyable shopping experience. You will also find stores that allow pets to shop with you like Foxglove Farm and Garden Supply,  Mouat's Trading,  Choices Clothing Store,  Slegg Lumber and Whisker's Pet Food Store. Be sure to have your dog on leash to avoid any conflicts with other dogs or humans who are afraid of dogs.

You may also find that shop keepers, Inn keepers, Cafe owners and even Doctors have cats or dogs who work along side of them. Again it is important to respect another animals turf by asking first before entering with your pet and keeping your pet on leash so you have full control at all times.

Whatever you may be shopping for, we do hope both you and your pet have a pawsitive and joyful shopping experience!